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A new healing docs kit

Technically speaking, it's a static-site generator slightly focused on building documetation.

Current version: v0.2a, 2014 Apr 29


Easiest way to install is via pip:

$ pip install docta

Read more about installing →


Setup a new project:

$ mkdir docs
$ cd docs
$ docta init

That's it! Project is ready for building!

$ docta build
$ docta serve --watch

After running build and serve commands you should see something like:

Serving directory: /home/user/docs/_html
Running at
23 April 2014 - 02:14:36

Thats it! You may edit or create .md files, starting from index.md with your favorite text editor.

Docta .md file example


Docta is a lightweight tool built on top of modern and proven technologies.

  • Powered by Markdown with flavours
  • Plays really well with GitHub Pages
  • Nice readable config format, well it's YAML
  • Configurable navigation with icons option
  • Basic theme powered by Bootstrap
  • Clean and expressive HTML-based Jinja templates
  • Smart preview server with auto-rebuild

Our goal is to keep it simple, focused and provide really smooth user experience.


Docta is distributed for free and its source code is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause License.